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We’ve built it, now let’s put it to work. We’re using the latest digital tools to set your campaign in motion delivering results all the way to the finish line.

Web Services & Social Media

By leveraging web services and digital advocacy, Radius elevates the reach of each campaign’s messaging.  Specifically, we design interactive websites for a campaign with messaging that aligns with the overarching goals. And we put these websites to work for you, using them as a tool to engage with advocates and build momentum for your cause.  We additionally design and actively manage the social media presence of a campaign across platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Grasstops Mobilization

All politics are local. And utilizing prominent constituents remains one of the most effective ways to have a meaningful impact on undecided lawmakers or undecided voters.  We can tap into our extensive network in New England to recruit influential validators from all industries, communities and political backgrounds and mobilize them to act as powerful advocates for your cause. This extremely targeted approach is a surefire way to ensure your allies, both likely and unlikely, are speaking out on your behalf.


Our team has decades of experience using both live and automated calls to gather critical information, reach targeted audiences, deliver customized and compelling messaging and connect advocates with their elected representatives.

Community Relations & Event Management

We love to mobilize for a ground campaign. Whether it’s door-to-door, town meetings, the local town fair, petition collection or event staffing, we’re able to provide services as needed to get the job done.

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